Thursday, December 28, 2017


The two older grand girls came sleep last night.
Baby J was at school, still rather sleep home than anywhere else.
The two big J's came early and just left a few hours ago to
go Bass Pro with their Dad.
As I straighten up from their visit I am remembering
a story Bean told me yesterday.
Each year I buy them a Christmas book to be read
on Christmas Eve. i brought it to their home a few
days before so they would have it for Christmas Eve.
Yesterday I think Jbean wanted to talk about the book
but no, she wanted to talk about the glittery butterfly
that held the gift tag.
"Mumsie, you know that green glitter butterfly that
was on the book?"
I had not remembered but I did when she brought 
it up. 
"My Mommy wanted to throw it away because my
Daddy doesn't like glitter so much, but
I wanted it because it reminds me of you"
I asked what she did,
"I took it and put it in my room
and every day when I miss you, I take it out,
and you know, when I smell it, It smells like
Mumsie and the cottage"
So, no, it's not the expensive toys, the books,
but simply the glittery butterfly that added the 
best story to my blog,
what a way to end the year.
Happy New Year to All!

Friday, December 8, 2017


There are many days, many that I miss
getting up, dressing in my nursing scrubs and
joining my fellow medical pals for a day of
hard earned work. To come home at the end of the day,
bone tired, back aching but knowing you did a good thing,
you helped a lot of people by getting out there and working,
you helped lots of children in your 8 hours of work.
You would think, being an early retiree, I wouldn't miss it,
but I do.
Then there are these days, days like today,
when you get the first call at 330am from the gypsy baby
saying its snowing. My first thought is,
"Something happened" 
NO, just that it's snowing. I am thinking three flakes 
and tell her I'm too warm to get up and then go back to sleep.
Two hours later the boo is calling....
Now if the Boo is calling at 530am, something is worth waking for.
I go into my front window and OMG
I excitedly bundle up, trying to find
snow gear in south Lousiana is a "needle in a haystack"
adventure... But I get it done
(thanks Randy for having me buy wet boots)
and I am like a kid in a toy store!!!!
My neighbors begin to awaken, iPhones in hand,
all doing what I am, capturing the moment.
I call Kd for the girls to awake as I know they have never
seen snow like this before.
Now I am in my living room, shades pulled back with
the view of snow coming down hard once again,
coffee in hand, fireplace lit.
No Tv needed, the entertainment is outside my front window.
Then I think of all my dear ones, 
the Bestie going to work at the bank,
the other at Ochsner with her hubby for md appt.
The Boo who has to sometimes work outside in 
blustery weather such as this,
And I am thankful this morning.
Thankful that I am able to stay warm and bundled here 
on my sofa watching the snow come down hard now,
 Oliver asleep beside me.
Because of early retirement I am able to savor this 
very beautiful snow day in my warmed PJ's 
with no where more important to be but right here, right now.
I will remember this day for a long time coming...

Thursday, December 7, 2017



Horrifying New Details About The Sexual Abuse 3-Year-Old Mariah Woods Allegedly Suffered By Her Mom's Boyfriend Prior To Her Murder

 Sarah Gangraw,YourTango 6 hours ago 

Friday, December 1, 2017


If you know anything about me, you know 
my mind is always full of thoughts and questions,
R calls it squirrels as sometimes they throw me completely off
the task at hand, yet it is who I am. 
So this blog will be full of "squirrels"
Yesterday before picking up Jemma-Jemma at daycare
to go get her Daddy at airport I took a little time to read
in my FLOW magazine. (highly recommended)
It is a magazine full of deep thoughts and paper lover dreams.
The particular article I was reading was speaking of how
we are just too busy in this world. We just don't take the time
to just be, to do nothing but maybe read a book, journal without
the guilt of not be doing something 24/7.
Then this Morning the bestie, Laurie says that our daily
devotional that us three bestie all have, thanks to Laurie
is a good one. Ironically it is based lots on the one I read yesterday.
Yes, it is a good reading. I decide today, it will be the way
I begin each day from now on, reading the same devotional
the besties are reading. 
I think of how when we are young, we just can't wait to grow
up, grow out of our parents home,
But never is life more content, more peaceful than when
you are a child and you have no worries.
No bills to pay, no worries as to where the food will come from,
you just know the table will have it there.
No worries about how the lights work, how the home stays warm.
I remember one specific day, and I am not sure why this
one always comes to memory. 
I am about 14 and at my sister Rosie's home.
I am laying down in the grass by my brother in laws boat.
I am watching a lady bug do it lady bug thing.
I am at peace, have no hurry to move,
I watch the clouds, I think of where my life may be going,
I don't know how long I stayed there but I often think
that I wish I could appreciate those days again.
It will be my 2018 resolution, to spend a little more time
just being. Not rushing to get "it all done in record time"
I am fortunate. I am retired, have a comfortable cottage I call my own.
Money, although not rich, I have what I need.
I want to look at my crafting hours as not time playing but
time of importance. I want to have the peace of a child,
where the worries of life are just not something I even 
know I need to worry about.
I am sure I will falter but it will be my goal for 2018,
to just be.
Thanks Bestie, for the reminder of
"a good reading this morning"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bravery comes in many forms....

I've this dear friend, Alli Cook.
We always knew each other having been raised in 
the same town of Golden Meadow, all 7 miles of it.
She was a year behind me in school so we didn't know 
each other well. We became good friends when she started
dating one of Ronnie's friends who was our neighbor back in 1984.
We were all so young and spent lots of time together.
Then she got pregnant and asked me to be Godmother.
I take being a God Parent serious, not one who just
gives gifts on holidays. When I accept this, I will be
part of that child's life forever, I will be willing
to pick up the pieces of their parents if, God forbid, died.
So I said yes to her after much thought. 
She miscarried that first sweet baby and
we were both so sad. She was born to be a Mother.
Then just less than a year later she was pregnant again 
and I became the Nannie to her son, Ricky.
Her marriage and my marriage have both ended, 
our friendship has not.
I blog of her today because today, she will undergo 
ANOTHER surgery on her elbow, hopefully last
of many. She is one of the bravest women I know as
she puts forth 100 percent after every surgery
to try and get full or the best function of that elbow
as possible. She battles anesthesia, pain, physical therapy,
machines to stretch atrophied muscles, gives all and more
and yet, it still will not give her the elbow she was born with.
Each surgery she was optimistic that this would be her last.
She tells me last nigh on the phone, this one
truly is her last, she just can't do it again.
As we hang up, I telling her how proud I am of her,
how much I love her and her bravery.
I don't know many people who could undergo so much 
pain and recovery not once, not twice, but ELEVEN TIMES!
So today, I ask all to remember this brave woman in thoughts 
and prayer if that is your thing.
I know she will handle this one in true Alli fashion, believing
God is in control. If you ever wonder what bravery looks like,
I am posting a picture of the one dear friend I know who
is the "BOSS" of it!
That man beside her? her love, her rock her Husband.
He is part of what makes her so brave and strong.
Thanks Bryan for always taking care of my friend
in a manner she deserves.
Last one Alli, I love you!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


"I am not putting up all my xmas stuff"
The holidays are just not what they used to be.
Yet bare with this blog as I lead you to where
so many things led to this....

First Charles Manson died. And I was angry....
I was angry because this mass murderer, the devil
I speak of, finally was off our world and the media
thought this was the best thing to report about.
Over all these years he has gotten way to much 
publicity, and now, even in death, he is the number
one thing people wanted to read about.
I understand this whole paragraph is an
oxymoron as I have given him even more publicity
but it is part of my story.
Then, David Cassidy died and I remembered all those
days after school, that I watched 
and drooled over the legend that became David Cassidy.
Then one more death, the death of a beautiful woman,
one that won't be heard of all over the world
even though she has done more for it than
the two famous people I mentioned.
Pam Alario Gravois died.
No news reports on all she did for so many children
that crossed her path during all her years of teaching.
Unless you are from our little bayou of Lafourche,
the name may not mean much to you,
but to us who grew up around her and her family,
in the prescience of her beautiful life,
her death is more of a loss to our world than the two
I mentioned before. I thought that here was a woman
who has achieved more than Manson or Cassidy,
who gave selflessly, who was beautiful in demeanor,
who I never saw with a ugly word on her tongue.
I thought this is the kind of woman who should be 
showered with news media because of her death.
But it will only be our little community and
the others who know her who will know how big
this loss is.
(Praying her family will forgive me for using her in
my blog without permission)
So, all this is going through my mind yesterday morning
when I am still thinking 
"I will have Bean help me to put my Xmas things
from the shed into the attic and put up one
small tree."
Then something happened, Pam's death was still 
on my heart and my little Bean, helping me
load huge Xmas Totes into the house is so very
excited to open each one to see what is in it.
"Mumsie, this is like Christmas morning because
we don't know what is in these boxes"
I watch her eyes light up as she pulls out each 
new thing that I have saved over the last 30 something years.
JoJo gets wind of it and starts helping unorganize
all my Xmas "Stuff"
I see the magic in their eyes and I once again 
think of Pam whose family is feeling such a loss,
of her little grandchildren who will not sit
with her around a Thanksgiving feast today,
that they will not help her put up her Grandmother Xmas.
I became teary eyed as I see the magic of the season
in my two of three grand girls eyes.
Then it happened, I put a smile on my face and instead
of putting these beautiful treasures in the attic we
begin putting them all over the cottage.
The girls put a small tree with the coolest lights
in their room on their own mantle.
JoJo is so in love with this that she has to lay
in her little bunk to view the lights for a time.
Their excitement becomes contagious with every
new thing they find.
I decide that this is what the holidays are about,
the memories of Mumsie I want to leave in their mind
and hearts. If I am taken from this Earth within this year,
I will not make news like Manson or Cassidy
but I will do those things that will make my loss
felt like the true hero of this story, Pam.
My Grand girls will remember this holiday,
the one Mummies put out every Decoration she had,
for them. The year Mumsie put up three trees, each prettier 
than the last. They will remember that I did not fuss
for anything they touched or any ornament they broke
because, where we go after this World, well we not taking
anything with us. 
I decorate for my girls and I decorate in memory of Pam
and all our other legends of Lafourche lost this year
who will not get the recognition they should.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all, make this the year you
put out all the decor, like I decided to do for the 
memories I want to leave with three little girls
who are my life, my
(Thank you in advance to the Alario/Gravois family for
allowing me to share part of Pam's life)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving words of wisdom

Last night was one of those, 
couldn't sleep, too many thoughts on the brain.
Spent the day with another long term bestie, Tanial
and her sweet grand girl, Roen.
I had Bean and Jo and the three children hit it off
like they had been friends forever.
It was such a great visit, LONG LONG overdue.
They left with promises we will not let so much
time pass again before we see each other.
After Kd picked up Grandgirls I got hooked 
on listening to all the new songs on you tube.
This one hit hard, it says like everything i
would want my grand girls to remember in
a nutshell.
Then I remembered, Thanksgiving wishes don't
get much better than this!
Tim McGraw sings it like a boss,
but this Lori McKenna steals the 
show with her awesome words!

"Humble And Kind"
(written by Lori McKenna)
You know there's a light that glows by the front door
Don't forget the key's under the mat
When childhood stars shine,
Always stay humble and kind

Go to church 'cause your mamma says to
Visit grandpa every chance that you can
It won't be wasted time
Always stay humble and kind

Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you"
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb
But always stay humble and kind
When the dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride
But always stay humble and kind

Don't expect a free ride from no one
Don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why:
Bitterness keeps you from flyin'
Always stay humble and kind

Know the difference between sleeping with someone
And sleeping with someone you love
"I love you" ain't no pick-up line
So always stay humble and kind

Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you"
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb
But always stay humble and kind
When those dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride
But always stay humble and kind

When it's hot, eat a root beer popsicle
Shut off the AC and roll the windows down
Let that summer sun shine
Always stay humble and kind

Don't take for granted the love this life gives you
When you get where you're going don't forget turn back around
And help the next one in line
Always stay humble and kind

Friday, November 17, 2017


There are lots you hear of Private/Catholic school.
Some positive, some negative.
Private school is not a necessity and not right for everyone.
My two of the three grand girls go to
St. John Catholic School.
Bean in first grade,
JOJO in preK 3.
This is the school where KD, their Mom
and most of her family have graduated from as
well as all the cousins who go there now.
Yesterday was book fair day.
I love me a good Scholastic book fair.
I drive up to the school and as I
am walking to the front office, I hear,
"Hi, Ms. Lilly"
Its one of KD's little cousins, now in high school.
Then I head to the office to sign in.
"Morning Mumsie, you don't have to sign in..."
How do they know I am Mumsie?
While heading to the library to wait for Bean's class
it is what I am thinking.
In the library is JOJO's paraprofessional.
"Hey Mumsie, JOJo invited me to come sleep at
your house last week. She told me all about your cat,
your bunk beds that has 'free' (three) beds"
I am beaming as so many know who I am.
The librarian and her helper starts also
telling stories that the grand girls have
shared with those who teach at St. John.
"Oh, we know about the craft you share with he girls,
we know you have a library, a red piano
and a cat name Oliver."
"You don't live in a house, you live in a cottage
just like the three bears and Goldilocks!"
I am feeling very special by now.
Bean and her class enter the library and she and
a few of her classmates come to give 'Mumsie" a hug.
Her teacher, Ms. Jaimie says,
"Hey Mumsie, I know so much about you,
Everything we do, Jilly makes it about Oliver, the cat"
I smile big, my heart overflowing for this little
Bean, her baby sister who sleeps a few doors down
in her PreK class and a school that not only knows
me and all the other family members of the Riera/Guilbeau
clan but everything about us.
I am so proud of Kd and BB for making the
sacrifice to send their little girls to this school.
It is not a cheap sacrifice but I know they work
hard so those girls can have this type of education.
 I realize that this day is one of
many I will be able to share with the grand girls
at this wonderful school  of St. John.
Where everyone knows my name,

Monday, October 23, 2017


Approximately 12 years ago, I sat in a meeting
as a school nurse where I was assigned at the time.
The child in question was a three and a half year old
little girl who had been pretty sick since birth
and now was adjusting to medical issues that would
be part of her life following a Small Bowel, Pancreatic,
liver transplant as a baby. 
Her condition was nothing simple,
she would need a nurse numerous times of the day
to help with those things she could not do.
As her Mother and Grandmother argued their point
as to the reasons this child should be in school
and the school was leary as to at 3 1/2 year old,
with so many medical issues was ready for Pre K.
There was lots of fear on the side of the teachers.
I sat quietly and listened. Her Mom at one point
made a statement to the fact,
"I know the records and her medical needs seem
scary to you all but you have not met Bailey yet,
she is just a little girl who wants and needs school."
Since that day this Mother has always
been admired by me.
.Being the voice and advocate for this
child since she was born ill with a twin brother
who was more than healthy, I have believed
it is due to this Mother and the "village" she has
allowed to help her that Bailey has done so well.
After talk had gone around the table a few times
I was asked my opinion.
My point was,  I feel like all Bailey needs medically
can be met here and on a personal note,
Having also been a child who grew up with
chronic illness known as cancer,
Had my parents not fought for me to be in school,
I would not right now be sitting at this table as
a nurse arguing this point. I say let her in."
A few wet eyes and the decision was made.
Since that day, and the 5 years that I was her
"Nurse Lilly"
She has been my hero.
She is now a smart, funny, beautiful 15 year old.
A child who is now a teenager who has
learned to care for her medical needs all on her own.
Who has far exceeded all of our expectations,
Whose Mother remains her biggest fan,
her advocate, making sure her little girl always
gets what is her right to have.
It is years now that I have retired,
yet the bond between Bailey and I have remained strong.
I have to be honest in saying she is actually
much better than I on keeping in touch,
Facetiming and texting me a few times each week.
So that is the background of this blog.
Saturday is homecoming, Saturday is Bailey's birthday.
Saturday is even a bigger deal because My sweet Bailey
has been nominated for HOMECOMING COURT!
The only Freshman to be nominated!
She is so very excited, it would be a big deal for 
any child yet, for this child, something that perhaps
she never believed would be part of her high school years.
While I speak of her excitement, I want to take
a little time to say how very excited I am for her 
Momma. An accomplishment that maybe she never thought
her dear child would experience while she argued 
for just equality for her.
Her excitement to do the whole homecoming thing,
Hair, nails, dress, date....
and now, the court.
Yes, this child so deserves this feat, probably more than most.
Her Mother deserves this coming Friday as they prepare
for the big day.
I want to say to my Bailey:
"My sweet girl, since the very first day I met you,
I felt a bond to you. We did not have the same
medical issues, but we were chronically ill children
who beat the odds and won Life.
Not only am I so very happy that you are getting
to enjoy all these normal things of the teen years,
but I remain one of your biggest fans.
You have seen so much in your 15 short years of life
and now you are getting to experience those things
that many people take for granted, the
'normal' teen years.
So on Saturday evening, as you stand, on your birthday,
with your peers as they announce the winner of the court,
know that you are already a winner.
 You have been since the day
you were born. Whether you come home with the crown 
or not, you, my dear child, are and will always be
the Queen in my heart.
I love you my sweet B, enjoy all this night has to offer!"
Oh, and happy birthday!

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Most know I do repurposing scrap art,
some may not know I also teach the art to
tweens. Lots happens at these classes and
it is not just art.
This Thursday, was one of those days.
My sweet student, 11 is talking to me about
her grades.
"I've done really bad in Math, but Ms. Lilly,
I don't need that stuff they want us to learn,
like when will I ever go to Walmart and use
I use an analogy on her that I use in many 
instances. The "Lilly Theory of building a foundation."
After she blows off her steam I tell her,
"You are so very right, you will never go to 
Wally World and use fractions but how often
do you think of the cement, the foundation 
under your house?"
"What??" she asks me, wondering what this
has to do with Math."
"Right we don't think of foundations much but
if the foundation of a home, a relationship.
even the Math that seems so useless,
is not built strong, they will fall."
She is quiet while absorbing this in.
"If the things you are learning now are not 
learned then you cannot build on it to get to 
the part of Math that you will use daily as you get
deeper in to the important stuff."
I think I may have gotten through to her a tad.
We then go on, making our art, eating popcorn
(this gal loves some popcorn)
We have a great afternooon.
After she leaves I wonder if she will keep
what we said in her little mind,
did it make a difference.
I go into the bathroom after class is over.
There on my bathroom chalkboard is a message
from none other than my little student:

Of course I've heard this saying before but never
directed solely to me.
More than art, happens at the studio 
of Mummies' Cottage!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


You know those days?
When you have a few decisions to make
and you want to make the right one
but you are not sure which is the best one?
Yesterday was one of those days.
Tuesday was Randy's Mom's birthday and her
sisters were visiting from Texas.
It was my first time to meet them so I wanted
to be there for the birthday celebration.
It is an hour drive so I spent the night.
Yesterday was Blessing of the pets at
the grand girls school, St. John.
Their Mom knew I probably would not make it
so she had me print pictures of Oliver for
the girls to bring to school.
I hunted my computer so they would have
each a special picture of them with Oliver.
I knew they had those pictures as I laid in bed
in Paulina, La. and I knew they would be okay
with that for the blessing but I was not 
going to be okay.
I could not sleep knowing driving the hour and 
bringing the real thing, Oliver to school
would just make their day.
So its what I did.
I awakened and was on the road for 6:15 am.
As I am driving towards home,
I am thinking,
"They would be fine with the pictures"
"It's so early, will it really make a difference that
I and Oli are there?"
Still, I get home, put Oli in the pet carrier
and go to school.
I beat them to school. Bean's teacher is so
excited, telling me that cat is all she talks about
and every lesson left to their own accord,
for her, it's about Oliver.
Then the children start to come out for the blessing
and first it is Bean,
The picture goes on the wayside as I
place Oliver in her lap. He is content there,
 one of his favorite places.
 None of the other animals
bother him in the arms of his Bean.
Then JOJO comes out and I get another,
She places her butt in my lap and her
hand in Oli's fur.
Her picture goes on the top of her sisters.
They no longer need the photographs, they 
have the real thing.
Each child that even glances our way,
Bean points to Oliver and says,
"Look, its our cat, Oliver!"
They are so well behaved as Oliver and the other
pets get blessed. As we get ready to leave, 
Bean's whole class lines up to pet "the cat"
as they march back to class.
Bean is in that line, her face is beaming.
When it comes to her turn to give her cat that last
rub, instead, she gets out of line and gives me
the biggest hug ever.
That hug says so much,
"Thank YOU, I love you"
My heart is full.
As I help JOJO back to her little classmates
my heart is full.
JoJo wants to cry but I remind her,
"It's Mumsie day, I will see you this afternoon!"
She wipes her little eyes and gets in line like a 
little soldier, with her other three year old friends.
I walk to my car, with a content heart.
Yes, Mumsie, you made the right call, 
the right decision. The early morning drive,
the ride to St. John, I made the right decision;
Because those two little girls, 
Well they will always remember the 
They, and their baby sister, they will 
always, always be the right choice,
the right decision.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Seems like most days, we wake to some new tragedy.
This morning, it is the shooting at the Jason Aldean concert,
an open area in Las Vegas.
At least 50 dead, 200 injured and the shooter, dead.
We will not know his thoughts before this tragedy
he caused but does it really matter?
Yes, I think it does.
At a time when so many are taking a kneel or 
a sit during the National Anthem,
especially NFL players, and the commissioner and
coaches not taking a stand to stop this,
instead they will no longer televise the Anthem 
prior to games, something that has always began
every sporting event is our Country, reminding
us that we are all one, having the freedom to 
attend these events.                                          
A time when people are boycotting sporting events to
show how sickened they are,
a bigger problem hits Vegas. 
The loss of human lives,  it did not matter the 
color of your skin, where you were from,
how old you were, what country you call home.
It did not matter that you live in a country where 
you are free, free to attend an outdoor concert
no matter who you are.
For me,  I am angry.
 It makes the whole disregard for the 
US Flag and the freedom it stands for so significant.
 We need to wake up as a country and realize
that if we do not become a United Nation,
the same thing our ancestors, our own parents,
family fought for, freedom, then we deny 
the fact that this freedom is not being
taken away from us by other countries,
but by our own people. If we don't stop
giving so much attention to those 
NFL athletes that are millionaires due to
the money we pour into the the sport, then we may miss
the signs of those people such as this shooter,
who are a threat to our lives. 
We need to pay more attention to the people who surround
our lives, the evil that lives in some of these Americans.
We are not paying attention to our surroundings,
the important ones, not who is sitting or standing
during the anthem but
the signs that men and women such as this may have given
to those around him.
As I sit here listening to our President Trump,
speaking eloquently about how we must
come together as one,  the realization hits me
that our freedom is being taken 
from our very own, not foreign countries.
Lets wake up,citizens and realize that
until we all become one, standing for a flag 
that represents unity and freedom that very
same freedom will be taken from a senseless act of
some crazy American who did not care your color,
race, age or gender.
May our God Bless all those affected by this 
ridiculous act and may those who think they are making
a point by kneeling or sitting during OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM
realize they are doing nothing to stop evil from our very
own citizens.
I apologize if this blog is randomly all over the place 
and may not be written very eloquently,
My heart is just broken by this tragedy.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Moments worth dragging out.

Yesterday was a "MUMSIE NEEDED" day.
BB at work and Kd, after a day's work had to take 
the big grand girls to dance so I was asked to help.
"Here I come to save the day...." NOT lol
Anyway, it's hectic on Thursdays at the other Riera home.
Was at the house when the big girls got off bus and
Kd brought me Jemma while she brought the girls to dance.
Jemma and I have come a long way.
She now acknowledges me, "MUAZIE"
and will stay with me without too much fanfare.
Yesterday though she was wanting her Mommy as
she has not been up to par.
To calm her I pushed her on her bike while I got in some
walking. She sang while I hummed.                                             
As the afternoon wore into evening, she started to be cranky
so into the bath where all the Riera grand girls can be 
brought from unhappy to happy with the run of a bath 
of water. She played for a bit then wanted out.
Then came for the best part.
After eating her fave, a big bowl of grits  
she wanted my lap..... my lap!! 
As we rocked and watched TV she nodded off.
I could tell her temp was becoming elevated but
not going to bother her sleep until her Mommy got home.
I rocked, what I love to do, and I stared into the 
beautiful face of this child.
Many memories of other children past rocking
in this very lap, my own babies, many nieces, nephews,
great nieces and nephews.
Just a few weeks ago, I rocked Gypsy's love as she was
having a hard day. 
Oh what a lap and a rock can do to ones soul.
I stared into sweet Jemma's face and thought.
I will rock at two, I will rock at three, I will rock at 6 
and I will rock until their feet drag the floor.
I will rock because I know that sooner than later,
these moments will become far and few between.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Never will I ever say no when a grand girl or an adult ask
"Can you rock me" or just look like it is what they need.
For selfish reasons as well, I get as much out of rocking
as the Rockee. 
I challenge you to do the same, whenever you get the chance.
It will never disappoint you.
.....Oh and if you give the rock a nice push with your foot,
its a good calf exerciser, you can tell a "rocker"
by the size of their calves.
Happy Weekend to all!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I have told Randy I can't seem to get back to 
my blogging but there is only one way to do it 
and that is to...... DO IT!
So here I am "doing it"

This past weekend Randy boo                                                                                                                   
and I went boat riding.
It was his first since his knee surgery a year ago.
It was my first in his waterways, in his boat.
Most small towns in Louisiana have their
own set of waterways and I was amazed that
we are still in Louisiana as each waterway has its
own unique look, all beautiful in its own way.
We rode in the waterway of BLIND RIVER
where we docked and walked in.....
Swamp, yep swamp... almost like quicksand as we
sank to our ankles in some places.
All to find the TRAPPERS CABIN
that Boo was so excited to show me, a memory of his past.
Once he finally found where it should be,
we looked around and found it!

Sadly it had been carried off by current a bit and was no
longer a standing cabin. The wood, the wood was beautiful!
So many different colors.
It may not have been together but the wood looked
like it would last a lifetime and then some.
I fell in love with the broken down cabin.

Our next stop was a church,
It reminded me of the smallest church of
Fourchon, my home area.
That church was lost in one of the storms and
I will always be thankful for the photographs I took
of our little church just weeks before it "no longer was".
That photo hangs in the home of Baby boy and Kd.
 This little church of Blind River, although had damage to
the wharf, the building was strong, sturdy and gorgeous!
We didn't visit the inside this trip.
It will be one for the future.

Again, I was taking it all in, sitting next to my boo
with many deep thought going through my mind,
keeping most of them to myself.
How I love the waterways of Louisiana,
How although probably most are connected,
each parish seems to have its own look.
How each fancy camp we looked at could not
ever have my love more than my own little cottage.
How so many memories of my past ran through my mind.
Then, the magic happened.
Boo took me to his favorite spot, BAYOU SECRET

...And there it was! HOME!
The small "water trails" of Golden Meadow.
My minds' thoughts of earlier were now
"heart speaks"
I was home!
I stood up near my boo, my arm folded across
his back and I said the words,
"It smells like home!"
Here in Bayou Secret, all my own secrets of childhood
came flooding back.
I right away, missed my Daddy.
The day he could not figure out why he could
not raise the top to give his three little girls shade
only to find out later my sisters neck was caught
between the cross bars of the frame.
The mornings when he whispered in my ear,
"You not feeling good, huh"
Which meant no school for me as he was
on his way to Dufrene's bakery for my favorite cookies
and as soon as that bus passed, we were
getting in that boat for fishing.
As I stood I felt the coolness of a few tears
on my cheek, it was not the hot sweat,
tears from my childhood.
"Happy tears" as the grand girls say.
Yes, for that half hour I was home.
A little girl who was loved beyond measure
by a man who used very few words but showed
me in actions how special I was to him.
It hit me then, it is kind of the way the boo
shows his love to me.
That day was definitely a day I felt the love.
It will forever be another of my very special days
I will never forget with the boo.


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