Thursday, October 5, 2017


You know those days?
When you have a few decisions to make
and you want to make the right one
but you are not sure which is the best one?
Yesterday was one of those days.
Tuesday was Randy's Mom's birthday and her
sisters were visiting from Texas.
It was my first time to meet them so I wanted
to be there for the birthday celebration.
It is an hour drive so I spent the night.
Yesterday was Blessing of the pets at
the grand girls school, St. John.
Their Mom knew I probably would not make it
so she had me print pictures of Oliver for
the girls to bring to school.
I hunted my computer so they would have
each a special picture of them with Oliver.
I knew they had those pictures as I laid in bed
in Paulina, La. and I knew they would be okay
with that for the blessing but I was not 
going to be okay.
I could not sleep knowing driving the hour and 
bringing the real thing, Oliver to school
would just make their day.
So its what I did.
I awakened and was on the road for 6:15 am.
As I am driving towards home,
I am thinking,
"They would be fine with the pictures"
"It's so early, will it really make a difference that
I and Oli are there?"
Still, I get home, put Oli in the pet carrier
and go to school.
I beat them to school. Bean's teacher is so
excited, telling me that cat is all she talks about
and every lesson left to their own accord,
for her, it's about Oliver.
Then the children start to come out for the blessing
and first it is Bean,
The picture goes on the wayside as I
place Oliver in her lap. He is content there,
 one of his favorite places.
 None of the other animals
bother him in the arms of his Bean.
Then JOJO comes out and I get another,
She places her butt in my lap and her
hand in Oli's fur.
Her picture goes on the top of her sisters.
They no longer need the photographs, they 
have the real thing.
Each child that even glances our way,
Bean points to Oliver and says,
"Look, its our cat, Oliver!"
They are so well behaved as Oliver and the other
pets get blessed. As we get ready to leave, 
Bean's whole class lines up to pet "the cat"
as they march back to class.
Bean is in that line, her face is beaming.
When it comes to her turn to give her cat that last
rub, instead, she gets out of line and gives me
the biggest hug ever.
That hug says so much,
"Thank YOU, I love you"
My heart is full.
As I help JOJO back to her little classmates
my heart is full.
JoJo wants to cry but I remind her,
"It's Mumsie day, I will see you this afternoon!"
She wipes her little eyes and gets in line like a 
little soldier, with her other three year old friends.
I walk to my car, with a content heart.
Yes, Mumsie, you made the right call, 
the right decision. The early morning drive,
the ride to St. John, I made the right decision;
Because those two little girls, 
Well they will always remember the 
They, and their baby sister, they will 
always, always be the right choice,
the right decision.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Seems like most days, we wake to some new tragedy.
This morning, it is the shooting at the Jason Aldean concert,
an open area in Las Vegas.
At least 50 dead, 200 injured and the shooter, dead.
We will not know his thoughts before this tragedy
he caused but does it really matter?
Yes, I think it does.
At a time when so many are taking a kneel or 
a sit during the National Anthem,
especially NFL players, and the commissioner and
coaches not taking a stand to stop this,
instead they will no longer televise the Anthem 
prior to games, something that has always began
every sporting event is our Country, reminding
us that we are all one, having the freedom to 
attend these events.                                          
A time when people are boycotting sporting events to
show how sickened they are,
a bigger problem hits Vegas. 
The loss of human lives,  it did not matter the 
color of your skin, where you were from,
how old you were, what country you call home.
It did not matter that you live in a country where 
you are free, free to attend an outdoor concert
no matter who you are.
For me,  I am angry.
 It makes the whole disregard for the 
US Flag and the freedom it stands for so significant.
 We need to wake up as a country and realize
that if we do not become a United Nation,
the same thing our ancestors, our own parents,
family fought for, freedom, then we deny 
the fact that this freedom is not being
taken away from us by other countries,
but by our own people. If we don't stop
giving so much attention to those 
NFL athletes that are millionaires due to
the money we pour into the the sport, then we may miss
the signs of those people such as this shooter,
who are a threat to our lives. 
We need to pay more attention to the people who surround
our lives, the evil that lives in some of these Americans.
We are not paying attention to our surroundings,
the important ones, not who is sitting or standing
during the anthem but
the signs that men and women such as this may have given
to those around him.
As I sit here listening to our President Trump,
speaking eloquently about how we must
come together as one,  the realization hits me
that our freedom is being taken 
from our very own, not foreign countries.
Lets wake up,citizens and realize that
until we all become one, standing for a flag 
that represents unity and freedom that very
same freedom will be taken from a senseless act of
some crazy American who did not care your color,
race, age or gender.
May our God Bless all those affected by this 
ridiculous act and may those who think they are making
a point by kneeling or sitting during OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM
realize they are doing nothing to stop evil from our very
own citizens.
I apologize if this blog is randomly all over the place 
and may not be written very eloquently,
My heart is just broken by this tragedy.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Moments worth dragging out.

Yesterday was a "MUMSIE NEEDED" day.
BB at work and Kd, after a day's work had to take 
the big grand girls to dance so I was asked to help.
"Here I come to save the day...." NOT lol
Anyway, it's hectic on Thursdays at the other Riera home.
Was at the house when the big girls got off bus and
Kd brought me Jemma while she brought the girls to dance.
Jemma and I have come a long way.
She now acknowledges me, "MUAZIE"
and will stay with me without too much fanfare.
Yesterday though she was wanting her Mommy as
she has not been up to par.
To calm her I pushed her on her bike while I got in some
walking. She sang while I hummed.                                             
As the afternoon wore into evening, she started to be cranky
so into the bath where all the Riera grand girls can be 
brought from unhappy to happy with the run of a bath 
of water. She played for a bit then wanted out.
Then came for the best part.
After eating her fave, a big bowl of grits  
she wanted my lap..... my lap!! 
As we rocked and watched TV she nodded off.
I could tell her temp was becoming elevated but
not going to bother her sleep until her Mommy got home.
I rocked, what I love to do, and I stared into the 
beautiful face of this child.
Many memories of other children past rocking
in this very lap, my own babies, many nieces, nephews,
great nieces and nephews.
Just a few weeks ago, I rocked Gypsy's love as she was
having a hard day. 
Oh what a lap and a rock can do to ones soul.
I stared into sweet Jemma's face and thought.
I will rock at two, I will rock at three, I will rock at 6 
and I will rock until their feet drag the floor.
I will rock because I know that sooner than later,
these moments will become far and few between.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Never will I ever say no when a grand girl or an adult ask
"Can you rock me" or just look like it is what they need.
For selfish reasons as well, I get as much out of rocking
as the Rockee. 
I challenge you to do the same, whenever you get the chance.
It will never disappoint you.
.....Oh and if you give the rock a nice push with your foot,
its a good calf exerciser, you can tell a "rocker"
by the size of their calves.
Happy Weekend to all!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I have told Randy I can't seem to get back to 
my blogging but there is only one way to do it 
and that is to...... DO IT!
So here I am "doing it"

This past weekend Randy boo                                                                                                                   
and I went boat riding.
It was his first since his knee surgery a year ago.
It was my first in his waterways, in his boat.
Most small towns in Louisiana have their
own set of waterways and I was amazed that
we are still in Louisiana as each waterway has its
own unique look, all beautiful in its own way.
We rode in the waterway of BLIND RIVER
where we docked and walked in.....
Swamp, yep swamp... almost like quicksand as we
sank to our ankles in some places.
All to find the TRAPPERS CABIN
that Boo was so excited to show me, a memory of his past.
Once he finally found where it should be,
we looked around and found it!

Sadly it had been carried off by current a bit and was no
longer a standing cabin. The wood, the wood was beautiful!
So many different colors.
It may not have been together but the wood looked
like it would last a lifetime and then some.
I fell in love with the broken down cabin.

Our next stop was a church,
It reminded me of the smallest church of
Fourchon, my home area.
That church was lost in one of the storms and
I will always be thankful for the photographs I took
of our little church just weeks before it "no longer was".
That photo hangs in the home of Baby boy and Kd.
 This little church of Blind River, although had damage to
the wharf, the building was strong, sturdy and gorgeous!
We didn't visit the inside this trip.
It will be one for the future.

Again, I was taking it all in, sitting next to my boo
with many deep thought going through my mind,
keeping most of them to myself.
How I love the waterways of Louisiana,
How although probably most are connected,
each parish seems to have its own look.
How each fancy camp we looked at could not
ever have my love more than my own little cottage.
How so many memories of my past ran through my mind.
Then, the magic happened.
Boo took me to his favorite spot, BAYOU SECRET

...And there it was! HOME!
The small "water trails" of Golden Meadow.
My minds' thoughts of earlier were now
"heart speaks"
I was home!
I stood up near my boo, my arm folded across
his back and I said the words,
"It smells like home!"
Here in Bayou Secret, all my own secrets of childhood
came flooding back.
I right away, missed my Daddy.
The day he could not figure out why he could
not raise the top to give his three little girls shade
only to find out later my sisters neck was caught
between the cross bars of the frame.
The mornings when he whispered in my ear,
"You not feeling good, huh"
Which meant no school for me as he was
on his way to Dufrene's bakery for my favorite cookies
and as soon as that bus passed, we were
getting in that boat for fishing.
As I stood I felt the coolness of a few tears
on my cheek, it was not the hot sweat,
tears from my childhood.
"Happy tears" as the grand girls say.
Yes, for that half hour I was home.
A little girl who was loved beyond measure
by a man who used very few words but showed
me in actions how special I was to him.
It hit me then, it is kind of the way the boo
shows his love to me.
That day was definitely a day I felt the love.
It will forever be another of my very special days
I will never forget with the boo.

Friday, August 11, 2017


On this day, thirty two years ago,
at this time of the morning, I had begun
early labor and knew that this day
would be my first baby's first birthday.
I had awakened at 4 Am knowing this
discomfort was the real thing.
I didn't awaken his Dad, I wanted to be up
and spend a few hours with myself because
after that morning, life as I knew it would be changed.
I was right, of course, but I had no clue just
how much.
I decided it was time for the hospital at about noon
and the Baby boy was born at 3:45pm after
a very quick and easy labor.
On that day, I began wearing my "heart on my sleeve".
He was beautiful and perfect in every way.
It took me days to realize he was ours and
I would get to take him home and keep him.
I was excited and scared at the same time.
Although I had many young nieces and nephews
and knew lots about babies, this one,
I knew would teach me lots and that he did.
He taught me that a sleeping baby is one
you don't mess with.
He taught me that a smile could change
the outlook of a day, a week, a year.
He taught me that I would now view world problem
with him in my mind.
He taught me this and so much more in the span of days.
I remember the day he first smiled at me with 
recognition, a real smile, not one of the gassy ones
of before. 
I was standing at the sink of our mobile home,
holding him and trying to wash a few dishes at the same time.
I probably was humming or singing when I realized
he was staring into my face.
I looked down to see this beautiful child give me
the biggest, toothless, cheesy grin.
My knees became a little week and
I had to sit down at the beauty of it.
On this morning, I can see BB reading this and
rolling his eyes thinking "She is so dramatic"
yet the feelings surrounding that first smile has
carried me through lots.
I am so very proud of this child.
At the young age of 32
he has over 10 years with Chevron,
he and his Kd have a home they planned themselves,
three beautiful little girls who adore them,
a hard working young man who likes doing for others.
He loves hunting fishing, anything in the "outside"
Nothing melts me more than watching him interact
with his little ones, A hands on Dad, makes me proud
to be his Momma.
Happy Birthday, my first born, my only son,
Know that in a world that sometimes seems
unfair or complicated, I always, always
stand in your corner, cheering you on.
"My life, would suck without you in it"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

54????? IT CANNOT BE!

Today, 54 years ago today, I was born....
hard to believe...the body says it is true, the mind, the heart?
Well it has a completely different conception.
WAAYYYYY back on this day in 1963, I was born to
older parents, Freddie Collins, 45 years old and
Minta Collins, 43. Who in the heck has babies at that age?
Yet I was far from their first, the baby of 7 other children,
11 pregnancies. My sister, C was only two years older than me
so its not like I was that big of a surprise,
The surprise to me as an adult, my oldest sister, Simone
Taunt Mone to most, is 24 years older than me.
I was showered and spoiled to the brim with love and
attention. If being born the baby and the last were not enough,
to have found out I had an incurable cancer at 5 
only added to the attention.
I remember lots from those days, probably more
than most 5 year old should.
I must have been a firecracker even way back then
because no incurable cancer could take my life.
Yet, in a way it did.
It took my 5 year old frail, quiet life
and made me a vocal little spitfire full of
quirkiness. Even at a young age as that
I knew I was one of the lucky ones.
Today, still I see people passing and suffering
from the dreaded C and while my heart cries
for them all, I know I was spared for a reason.
I am loud and vocal, opinionated but kind.
I dance in the aisles, sing whether there is music or not.
I was blessed to have two children when I was told there would be
none and put all I had into being their Mom.
I was far from perfect, still am, but every EVERY 
decision I ever made while Mothering them was
with their best interest in my heart.
When I found my 30 year marriage coming to an end
I knew it would not be the end of me.
I mean in no way to say anything negative to my 
ex, he was financially, the one who made it possible
to be the Momma I wanted to be.
We have both found our way to a happier life.
I never thought at 54 I could find my way to be
 a person I like most always.
Yes, the treatment that saved my life back in 1968 
plays havoc on my body, in no way am I bitter as
the ultimatum would have been death.
I am now a person whom I like and love most days.
I am a person who wants and hopes I bring joy to 
those lives I touch. It is my calling, it is why I have beat
the odds given to me so very long ago.
So to all who love me, call me Mom, sister, lover, friend,
Aunt,  Nannie, Mumsie, Lil, I say thank you on this fine
54th birthday
THANK YOU  for allowing me to be part of your lives
and I hope I have made some sort of difference in yours.
Every years since my kiddo's are young and asked me,
"Mommy what do you want for your birthday, xmas, etc..."
The answer has always been a love letter.
There is nothing in this life I need materialistic,
well the lottery would be nice, but that is a separate blog.
I want to know what I am to you in words in speech.
I don't want to hover over my funeral one day and hear the
thoughts and words of those I hold dear to my heart.
I will always want only to know I was important in your life.
Thanks to all who will or have wished me a 
Happy Birthday! 
All are appreciated and as the boo reminded me this morning,
"... all the bday wishes will be from people who
love and appreciate you. None are lagniappe!"
Could not have said it better.
Love to all!!!!


I have always loved meeting, speaking to flamboyant
men, always think they can become some of my best friends,
but usually when I meet such a lad, 
it is a quick encounter.
Such was the case one day last week when
I was between testing and had a little time to kill.
Where else to hang out than a booth rental flea market.
As I explore a corner I hear a loud voice,
"Yep" I answer.
He then grabs a pair of used Oxfords, bright yellow in color:
I've no doubt he does.
I show him another pair that are not quite as loud, that
can be worn on most days. They are an expensive shoe
with some wear to them. He slides them on,
they so comfy....
I'm going ask them to go down."
they are 30 and while they are worth it for that brand I 
understand from further conversation that my new friend
is without much extra money.
He comes find me in this huge place,
"Twenty fie, won't go down mo"
Darn I say to myself and to my new pal.
As I walk around, looking for deals, things to repurpose,
He and I keep running into each other, having 
different conversations each time.
I give him my business card because one, 
I can see us becoming friends and two,
he is interested in possible hiring me to do a few things
for him. Each conversation makes me feel closer to him
and has me thinking of those shoes and how I want him
to have the shoes that fit him so perfectly and how
I just collected 25 bucks from a scrap job I had done.
Finally, I hear this colorful man checking out
and I just cannot let him leave without those shoes.
I hurry to the dark corner where we met, where
our new-one day friendship began, and I grab
those shoes, run to the register, put the box on the counter
with the 25 dollars and I hug him and walk away....
I see his shock, tears in his eyes.
He does not say No, no sign of protest, just
shock and pure love in his eyes.
He allows me to be the giver of
and I have the pure satisfaction of knowing
that those beautiful, wild shoes will walk the
streets of Bourbon Street with my flamboyant 
friends feet nestled in their comfort.


You know those days? When you have a few decisions to make and you want to make the right one but you are not sure which is the best ...