Friday, March 17, 2017


At the same time I am using the analogy of
"feeling like a juggler with two many pins in the air"
my business, MUMSIES COTTAGE
has begun to take on a life of its own.
Just in the last few weeks, I have been commissioned
to make a scrapbook for a Fathers Day gift,
signed three children on for lessons,
and working with a baby boutique to make cards for them.
With all of this on the burner, three grand girls, my kiddo's
and a relationship I am giving my all  
I am trying to come up with a work system for working 
from home. Which leads me to this blog.
I have read a most interesting article addressing just this.
And now, I know beginning Monday,
(as my weekend is filled with my boo)
I will only work in the studio.
I will work four hours each morning dressed for success.
I will take a lunch break for half an hour
and enter back for another 4.
I will work half days on Friday.
Once, again talking about the juggling...
I know I am not giving enough time to some of the pins.
My DTB family and friends have not seen enough of me.
My thibodaux family I made for myself in the 10 years
I lived there, also does not see enough of me.
I am still working on this juggling act.
I pray that all who know me and love me
give me a little forgiveness for the things I am not doing
so well in. I want this business to thrive but not at
the cost of taking important pins out of the juggling.
However, some things have to be removed, for my health
as well as that there is just not enough time in the days, weeks,
months. I will figure it all out in time but for now.
I will give this Mummies Cottage business a little more
time in the air, I need this for my health and I am
just going to have to get a little selfish for a bit.
Love to all!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Today our Jilly Bean turns six years old.
It is so very hard to believe six years has passed, so much
has happened, she and her sisters have brought 
us so much joy.
Her favorite food? Beans...
any shape, size, color, Red beans her fave,
hence the title of the blog.
I could write a book just on the antics, things she has said,
done and has learned from us, her first teachers.
Yet, each one of us who love her would say
she has taught us all so much more.
She is loving, more than her 6 years should know,
but on the same note, she can throw a tantrum like
all other six years old.
She forgets very little so don't try and pull wool over
her eyes, she will call you on it! 
I will make this a short blog with a montage of pictures,
leaving you with one story that will show just what
a special child she is to us.
I still, since she is born, spend almost every Wednesday
with her. One this one Wednesday a few 
weeks ago, I am at her house as she gets off the bus.
Her baby sisters are there as well, she rushes off
just to share some love with sisters.
She hugs JoJo tightly, JoJo swats at her face.
With the smile still on her face she runs to baby Jemma,
kisses her and hugs her, Jemma pulls her hair.
She then comes back to her Mumsie for a second hug
and kiss. As I am hugging her I say, 
"Poor Jilly, loving on the babies and they won't give her 
a break"
She responds with a statement that shows her love for 
so many...
''Oh yeah, Mumsie, but I don't care, I love them anyway
and I am going to kiss them and hug them everyday anyway"
Oh we love our Bean!
I often steal her line,
" I could love and squeeze you until your guts come out"
Happy Birthday, My Jilly bean,
I WILL LOVE YOU, AND YOU ARE MINE"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
This day, 6 years before, just as beautiful then as now
 Bean at 1 1/2 with My Mommy, her Mommee...                              
 A Christmas when she was an only child.
 One of our Mother/daughter tea parties at the church 
I and my children grew up in.
 Our "sassy in a good way"
(as she calls it)
in the church her Mother and her sisters
will be raised  in.
Jilly and her family that she loves so much,
at Gulf Shores.

Monday, March 6, 2017


This morning, while checking Facebook, they
remind me of this post I made 4 years ago, when
my own marriage was finding its end.
An older couple's obituary that I loved so much
I actually cut it out of the paper.
Seems after all those years of being together,
in death they were not to be separated,
dying within 24 hours of each other.
I do not know this couple nor their families.
I am not one to normally read the obits but this one
has always been close to my heart.
I wonder about their lives, being together and passing
in their 90's. I wonder how hard their lives may have been.
I wonder how many times they may have fought and
found their way back to the other.
I wonder how many times they kissed good morning 
and then good night,
I wonder how many nights they spent away from each
other and how hard that must have been.
The one thing I do not wonder, is this,
that even in death, they would rather leave this world
together, forging the next voyage of their lives together.
Such a touching story, even now four years later.
It is the type of love all of us should strive for,
it is the type of love, even through rough times
we should make marriages this important if in one.
The type of love we should be for another.
It is the type of love all should not settle for less.
Four years later, I am still in love,
with this couple, with what their story says to us all,
I want to be like them when I grow up....
If I ever grow up.....

Friday, March 3, 2017


My cousin Reggie has been going through 
a whirlwind, along with his brother, Jude and 
Reggie's wife, Vickie.
Since last Friday, when his Dad, My Uncle Roy,
was rushed by ambulance from our local DTB hospital
Lady of the Sea to University hospital in NOLA.
Heart attack caused by a septic infection in his bloodstream 
caused by his gallbladder stones getting stuck in 
the ducts that go to the liver.
The first night Reggie and I spoke he mentioned his
Dad had began to  turn yellow.
For my nursing mind, NOT GOOD.
I shared with him what he maybe could expect
in the next few days from the simplest of 
problems to the hardest, the big C of Pancreas....
I am so very glad, as sick as he is, looks like Cancer
is not the culprit. Reggie and I have always
been very close as kids, being the same age.
Time and families have had us loose touch sometimes
but when we do see each other, or talk it is like
no time has passed, yep one of those friendships.
Being one of two children, with his brother not
living here, lots of the burden of his parents are his.
Since this illness he and I have texted much, spoke
a few but for lengthy times.
Now that I have set up this long blog, I will switch
to my Uncle Irby Roy, married to my dad's baby sis,
(who he took in and raised when their parent died when
she was a teenager/young adult) Jeanette.
The words Odd Couple come to mind when I think of them.
Years ago, I wrote a blog following their 50th wedding anniversary
party. it is amazing that their differences find them together
so may years later.  
I can try and explain Uncle Roy as being a walking Church,
a walking Bible. He preaches to anyone who will listen
and anytime in any place. I say this with love
as he brings us many chuckles when we speak of him
and his love of God.
Then my Aunt Jeanie, a cussing sailor, she loves her God,
prays I am sure as much as Uncle Roy but in a different way.
As a younger child,
It has always been fun and interesting to visit as
Uncle Roy walked around teaching about the Bible and Aunt Jeanie
is cussing.... lol I say this as terms of endearment.
There are so many aspects to my childhood revolving around
this couple. When I was fighting cancer, these two took in 
my two siblings closest to my age as their own.
Having been in the hospital for 8 weeks without coming home,
they helped anyway they could and the siblings went from
their home to the home of my sister, Veronica.
My sister, Rosie, one of the siblings who stayed there lots
associates Uncle Roy with learning how to truly pray,
every night, she had written, he had them kneel by their bedside
in his home, and pray for their sickly little sister who may die.
While that sounds scary, MY Uncle Roy believed that
I could be healed from a cancer that was incurable through
good doctors and many prayers. He was right, here I am so many
years later......
Now that he is the sick one, No one deserves more prayers  
than this praying man. So, as I sit here writing this complicated
blog, I also ask that you pray.                                                                    
I could sit here and try to write this experience my Uncle
is going through, knowing that once his God heals him
he will have stories to tell us of possibly seeing Heaven,
Purgatory, or anything else his sick body has his heart and
brain thinking. Yet, I decided to write this blog after receiving
a text from Reggie yesterday, an update on his Dad after having
the scare of his life the night before when he was called
to the hospital because his Dad had taken a turn for the worst,
honestly they believed he was dying!
Yesterday morning I woke up to the most beautiful update
written by my dear cousin. Nothing I could write 
could be more beautiful.  With his permission I transcribe
his most touching text:
HOWEVER, (i guess all his praying throughout all these years
How beautiful is that? 
Prayers must continue as the table is turned and
instead of Uncle Roy praying for so many,
He needs all our prayers, from all those he has prayed for without
ceasing. My Uncle Roy, he can drive you cray cray
with his knowledge of the Bible, prayer but none
of what he is is for show, he truly loves his God
and believes in him. He walks the talk, doing
all he can to help others, one being all he did for 
our family way back in 1968.
As we all fear what will happen to Aunt Jeanie if
Nonc passes as she depends on him for everything.
Her health is not good, and as much as she fusses at him
we all know she loves him dearly and depends on him for 
everything. God has his plans and as I joked with my dear cousin,
Reggie over this hard week,
"If you Dad makes it out of this, think of the stories we will have
to endure of How he saw Heaven, how beautiful it is,
how we all need to pray, etc. he will have stories to tell
when His God heals him, love you"
my Reggie's response?
"Lololol I hate to laugh but darn, u are right!"
Yes my dear cousin, if you can find a reason to laugh a minute,
it's all good medicine.
Continue to pray for my electic uncle 
as he would do the same and does the same for all.
Pray for my cousins, Jude and especially Reggie who
carries most of the weight because he is closer,
he needs the prayers as well, having been sick himself.
Long road ahead but I believe in the power of prayer
and no one deserves that more than this dear,
Nonc Roy.
Blessings and Peace to all.
 Nonc and Taunt 
 Uncle Roy and Aunt Jeanette at their 50th wedding Anniversary
 Uncle Roy in my childhood home (before I was born) 
when courting my Aunt.
( Reggie and I along with his wife, Vickie and their daughter,



Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I love and Adore three beautiful girls I call my grand girls.
Three little girls made by my Baby boy and his lovely wife, Kd.
Some say I have favorites, I do not, each of them came to me
at a different time in my life and one day, I will perhaps
write a blog on that, yet this one is about Our sweet Jemma.
Again, with her birth, I am at a different path in my life.
Perhaps I have not spent as much time with her as the other two.
I do remember a time that JoJo struggled with me or anyone
who was not her Mommy or Daddy, but nothing like Sweet Jemma.
The minute she would see me at her home, she would begin
to cry, well more than a cry... More of a rage...
I think she associated me there with her parents leaving.
Coming to my Cottage sometimes was okay, other times,
cried until I felt so badly about her that I had to call for 
back-up. This has bothered me probably more than I let on to.
Having the bond I have with the other two, to have one
not really want me around tore me.
BB thought perhaps, I didn't spend enough time with her,
possibly as being single and being a Mumsie is sometimes
hard to juggle not to mention the little business I have
that keeps me well busy.
Whatever the reason, our relationship was on "eggshell ground".
As an example, let me give you a look in our normal
Mumsie/Sweet Jemma time.
If we are alone and she wakes up, I would have to pick her
up in the dark, bottle in hand, pick her up and turn her
around, put the bottle in her mouth, sit down with her
and she would throw her little palm against my chest
for me to rub her little palm, something I have done with
my children and the other grand girls forever.
A palm plus finger rub is one of the best.
Last night, after having the older grand girls for the night 
before, Kd asked if I could stay with Sweet J while she
brings the other two to night parade.
Yes, let me get in some bonding time.
Right away, she had just woken up, was crying in 
her Mom's arms....
"Oh" I thought.... "this will be rough for her!"
KD calmed her and then handed her to me on the other
recliner and gave me a bottle and a bag of Cheeto's
and they snuck out.... then something changed...
A big change, she didn't cry.
In her defense, this poor child can't seem to catch a break
when it comes to illness and when we sick, who do we 
want but our own parents, shoot I am 53, and when I am sick,
I still want my Daddy!
Last night, she was feeling good and scaring down some 
Chee-to's, the chips emptied and we began to play.
she looked at me, she smiled at me, she LOL'd with me.
I chased her around and she ran away from me laughing,
I took her lead and went with it...
I bathed her, she loves that, we took our time,
I played with her and I saw such a happy little baby
and I was ecstatic. No sooner out the tub, she grabbed
for a Dr. Pepper on the table and brought it down
all over her face and clean shirt and the floor,
she cried a bit, I didn't fuss, instead I began to laugh...
hard... there she was sitting in the middle of
a pool of Soda with some dripping from her long
eyelashes, her blonde curls, and her PJ shirt.
A funny site, should have grabbed the camera....
When she heard me laughing, she stopped crying
and just stared at me, perhaps that was the moment
she realized I really am a fun Mumsie.
I cleaned her up yet again, we put on Frozen for the
third time (I don't know how to work their tv so Frozen it was)
and when the song, LET IT GO
began, I started singing and motioning with my hands,
she stopped watching the TV to stare at me.
Again something happened inside of our Sweet Jemma.
After I finished, instead of going back to what she
was playing she came up to me and climbed in my lap,
put her little arms around my neck,
Love from the Sweet Jemma.
She then let me sit with her on the recliner,
to rock her without any technology or snacks in my hand,
just her and I. I captured part of that on video, put
it on Instagram because it has been such a special moment
for us. I awaken this morning, with my thoughts on her.
I believe our relationship has changed now,
thanks to a night time parade in the town of Plaquemine!
( Posted one day after written)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Mother, my Momma, their Mommee

Yesterday morning I awaken to my Facebook memory being
this photo of Mom at the Manor and us visiting.
She had just gotten out of the hospital and we knew her days
with us were coming to an end. I wanted this picture badly as
I knew it may be one of the last I would have of her with
my BB, also her "baby boy" and our Jilly.
I see her hand, so thin and small on Jilly's leg and
although dementia had set in to her most beautiful self,
she managed to show her love even more so at those times.
I could say this picture gives me sadness, yet it does not.
It is more melancholy...
This woman left us with so many good things,
so many cliche's that we still use.
Such as, when looking in a mirror, saying,
"Oh, well... you can''t improve perfection."
We lost parts of her when dementia came to her world,
so the Momma we grew up with had gotten mellow
and more like our child, I missed having my Mom
even though she could drive us crazy with her
opinionated self, but anything us kids needed,
if she could, it was her who helped.
I was privileged to have her live with us while
my children were growing up.
Their Dad worked away so much, my babies were
so lucky to have someone home every day when they came home.
If I was at work, she made sure she was home for 3pm, and 
had snacks, salads, whatever they wanted that day.
She was not always easy to live with, I repeat,
but the bond my babies had with their maternal grandmother
was special. She loved all her grandchildren and was so 
proud of each of them, yet I know my two, because
she was with them every day, they were closer
perhaps than some of the others.
As I grow older, and my children can tease me sometimes
even when they don't realize that some of those things 
hurt me. What I wish for the future?
That my two babies treat me, as I age,
the way they treated their Mommee.
They didn't just love her, they adored her
and I will always, always be thankful for all she did
for us all. I want to leave this text with a story
of what kind of Mother she was to me even as an adult.
BB lost our neighbor he was very close to.
It affected us all because the young adult, having
watch him grow, had a really rough life. He took the
time with a little pesky boy who lived across the street,
so he was close to BB. When we first found out about
his death, BB had company and I was surprised that he didn't
seem to be very upset. I knew this was odd as BB is was
very emotional at that time. That night, he wrote the most
beautiful letter to our Nic and asked that I give it to him.
"Baby, Nic died, I can't give him this"
and it hit him, and he cried.... and cried, and cried,
he stayed in my arms in my bedroom while I hugged him 
and he wet my shoulder with all the tears that passed.
I tucked him in once he was over and I went into my
own Mommas room, she was sitting on her recliner,
I knelled down in front of her bawling like a baby,
I put my head in her lap, and she rubbed my hair
and was quiet as I cried. When I could speak,
I said, "Momma, tell me I am handling this right,        
Tell me I am a good Mother... I don't know what to do"
she held my face in her hands and said,
"Lilly, you are a wonderful Mother and you have handled
this situation better than I ever would have,"
This spoke volumes to me. Once again for that half hour,
she was my Mommy, I her baby girl.
I will never forget that special night.
I was a very lucky child!


Thursday, February 16, 2017


I have met someone, 
someone who I really like a lot.
Not sure where this will go and I am not
ready to see past one day at a time at this point,
so I am going to leave that explanation as that.
When we first started texting and talking,
we talked about lots of things...well I did because
you guys know I have diarrhea of the mouth.
Because we have different tastes in music it was one
of the things we spoke of.
About two weeks ago, I asked if he had ever heard
of the band Snow Patrol and their song CHASING CARS.
I had heard it while driving to play with the Grand Girls
and it reminded me of just how much I love it,
how much it says in just a few verses.
"No, I don't think I have."
I send him the words then challenge him to listen
to the song. I am not sure if he liked it right at first.
"Kind of mellow" he said.
I insisted he listen to the words,
then I sang him a part of it to his voice mail.
And I think he becomes a fan of the song.
THESE THREE WORDS becomes our little motto.
We discuss a sign I am making, big and wood,
and I ask his input one what I should put on it.
We decided it would be so cool to put
on the sign, it would be known by all exactly what
it meant and it would be a different way of saying 
I LOVE YOU without actually saying them.
I am sold on the idea, it will be the sign.
Then he asks if I want this beautiful screened wall divider.
YES!!!! of course I do, I can do so much of it.
He suggests a trade, the divider for the sign...
and now the sign has become more for me,
personal, we end each letter with that saying.
Honestly I am struggling with making it something
that he will love. Because he has also, fell in love with
the song, and the saying, it means more than just a sign
I am making to hopefully sell.
Valentines Day was approaching, I was hoping he would
ask me out for such a special day.
I make Banana nut bread, and a card and end it with 
these three words,
he does the same.
It was not Valentines Day yet,
we had contemplated, because he was working until 6 and
lives and hour away to just stay in and do take out
and a movie perhaps.
But there is something about Valentines Day 
and wanting to get dressed up nicely and see others
sharing their Valentines Day.
We settle on Portabello's which we both enjoy.
We are sitting there, in the darkened Portabello's
a candle at our table,  music is on low, waitress is also
speaking low, ambiance for my new found date.
Why is all of this long, story so important?
Before two weeks ago,
this man had never heard of SNOW PATROL
much less Chasing Cars.
Because he now has heard it a number of times,
knowing it is one of my favorites,
because I have sung it to him on voicemail,
because I had sang parts of it to him in person.
We began to call it "our song".
Back to Valentine's Day...
We are enjoying our meal, we are enjoying each others
company and there on the radio....
"If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me
and just forget the world..."
My reaction had to be priceless as my eyes opened wide,
my mouth open, and I pointed up to the speakers.
His was just as surprised.
We are quiet the whole time, well except
for me singing the whole song right there to him
in a restaurant that is fast becoming one of our faves.
You just can't make this thing up.
The song that came out in 2006, eleven years before
was playing right at the time we are sitting there.
So now we contemplate:
Coincidence, sign?
We don't know but I know this,
nothing could have made this night better except the fact
that this is now definitely OUR SONG 
and the one sentence that had already become ours
is now more special than ever....
Don't know where this relationship is going but
I know this, I will never hear this song,
listen to these words without bringing
memories of Valentine's Day 2017
Thank you, Snow Patrol, thank you, RL