Friday, January 27, 2017

An old story that still is one of my favorites...

We all, at different times in our lives,
change our feelings about what we believe
when it comes to God, the Universe,
Life after this. 
There is one story I read way back in 1982,
being a new nurse. How I still wish I could find
this article. As a nurse, there is a magazine called
the date changes with each year, the one I speak of
would have been
NURSING 1982 OR 83.
In the back of each issue there was always a one page
true story of an inspiring incident.
This one I am about to share, as close to what I can 
remember, changed my beliefs back then and
I still believe in Heaven now partly because of
this article.
I will write it as if I am the man who wrote it
so as not to confuse the concept, however keep in mind
it is written in my words, as I remember it,
as I have not been able to find this article again:
I am driving up the steep mountain top to get 
to the soccer game that most on the road are also
going to. There is snow and deep falls,
I find myself loosing control and next thing I 
remember I am floating about what is now stopped 
traffic on this curvy road. As I float above the cars
I can hear the thoughts and words of those
who now know they will be late for this soccer game
or whatever else this road was taking them to.
Each car seems upset, some are cussing, some are
aggravated, I can feel their thoughts and the vibe 
is negative. Then I am over this one car
and the people in there are praying,
I wonder why, and then I realize, they are praying for me,
I am the one holding up the traffic, I have
been in an accident. These people are not angry
they are praying for whoever is responsible for this
traffic. I am transported back to the accident.
The next thing I remember, I am in a hospital ICU, 
and I am told that I have been in a coma for days
and am lucky I am still here.
When I can finally breathe on my own,
I remember the "near death experience"
I tell my doctors, my family, all that will listen
to me that someone in a car was praying for me.
My family tells me not to get upset, that is probably 
was a dream, the doctors tell me it happens when
there is lack of oxygen to the brain, that they see it often
and yet, there is no proof they can find that this can be true.
So I challenge them, I tell my doctor, "Then prove it to me"
"I know the license plate number to the car that was praying
for me" I give the number to my family, I give the number to
the doctor. They follow it though because I am not strong 
enough to do this on my own and I have to know.
(Remember this is 1982, no internet, no laptops, no 
cell phones)
Days later my doctor comes to me in shock and nearly in
tears, he has news for me.
He traced the license plate I spoke of.
He questioned the driver of that car. 
Yes, they remember the day specifically and although
they did not know exactly who was in the accident
or how bad it was as they were too far away on the
road to get a glimpse of what happened,
Yet as a family, even though they knew they would 
probably not make the soccer game, they decided to pray.
He shared that they prayed because whoever was
in the accident needed prayers.
Yes, the license plate number I remembered were
the same people who, instead of being angry and negative,
chose to pray, 
From that day on, I have been a believer in a life after this one.
Wow! what a powerful proof of something after this!
Again, the story is his, the wording is mine.
A legitimate magazine, not a gossip one.
A magazine that nurses shared and continue to share
with others.
I may have been only 19 when I read this article it
has not only always stayed with me but I share it often 
with others. 
Lots of think about on this beautiful day!
 Myself on my Nursing graduation..
myself and my wonderful parents, circa 1982
How I miss them, yet know they wait for us!

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