Monday, March 13, 2017


Today our Jilly Bean turns six years old.
It is so very hard to believe six years has passed, so much
has happened, she and her sisters have brought 
us so much joy.
Her favorite food? Beans...
any shape, size, color, Red beans her fave,
hence the title of the blog.
I could write a book just on the antics, things she has said,
done and has learned from us, her first teachers.
Yet, each one of us who love her would say
she has taught us all so much more.
She is loving, more than her 6 years should know,
but on the same note, she can throw a tantrum like
all other six years old.
She forgets very little so don't try and pull wool over
her eyes, she will call you on it! 
I will make this a short blog with a montage of pictures,
leaving you with one story that will show just what
a special child she is to us.
I still, since she is born, spend almost every Wednesday
with her. One this one Wednesday a few 
weeks ago, I am at her house as she gets off the bus.
Her baby sisters are there as well, she rushes off
just to share some love with sisters.
She hugs JoJo tightly, JoJo swats at her face.
With the smile still on her face she runs to baby Jemma,
kisses her and hugs her, Jemma pulls her hair.
She then comes back to her Mumsie for a second hug
and kiss. As I am hugging her I say, 
"Poor Jilly, loving on the babies and they won't give her 
a break"
She responds with a statement that shows her love for 
so many...
''Oh yeah, Mumsie, but I don't care, I love them anyway
and I am going to kiss them and hug them everyday anyway"
Oh we love our Bean!
I often steal her line,
" I could love and squeeze you until your guts come out"
Happy Birthday, My Jilly bean,
I WILL LOVE YOU, AND YOU ARE MINE"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
This day, 6 years before, just as beautiful then as now
 Bean at 1 1/2 with My Mommy, her Mommee...                              
 A Christmas when she was an only child.
 One of our Mother/daughter tea parties at the church 
I and my children grew up in.
 Our "sassy in a good way"
(as she calls it)
in the church her Mother and her sisters
will be raised  in.
Jilly and her family that she loves so much,
at Gulf Shores.

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