Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I love and Adore three beautiful girls I call my grand girls.
Three little girls made by my Baby boy and his lovely wife, Kd.
Some say I have favorites, I do not, each of them came to me
at a different time in my life and one day, I will perhaps
write a blog on that, yet this one is about Our sweet Jemma.
Again, with her birth, I am at a different path in my life.
Perhaps I have not spent as much time with her as the other two.
I do remember a time that JoJo struggled with me or anyone
who was not her Mommy or Daddy, but nothing like Sweet Jemma.
The minute she would see me at her home, she would begin
to cry, well more than a cry... More of a rage...
I think she associated me there with her parents leaving.
Coming to my Cottage sometimes was okay, other times,
cried until I felt so badly about her that I had to call for 
back-up. This has bothered me probably more than I let on to.
Having the bond I have with the other two, to have one
not really want me around tore me.
BB thought perhaps, I didn't spend enough time with her,
possibly as being single and being a Mumsie is sometimes
hard to juggle not to mention the little business I have
that keeps me well busy.
Whatever the reason, our relationship was on "eggshell ground".
As an example, let me give you a look in our normal
Mumsie/Sweet Jemma time.
If we are alone and she wakes up, I would have to pick her
up in the dark, bottle in hand, pick her up and turn her
around, put the bottle in her mouth, sit down with her
and she would throw her little palm against my chest
for me to rub her little palm, something I have done with
my children and the other grand girls forever.
A palm plus finger rub is one of the best.
Last night, after having the older grand girls for the night 
before, Kd asked if I could stay with Sweet J while she
brings the other two to night parade.
Yes, let me get in some bonding time.
Right away, she had just woken up, was crying in 
her Mom's arms....
"Oh" I thought.... "this will be rough for her!"
KD calmed her and then handed her to me on the other
recliner and gave me a bottle and a bag of Cheeto's
and they snuck out.... then something changed...
A big change, she didn't cry.
In her defense, this poor child can't seem to catch a break
when it comes to illness and when we sick, who do we 
want but our own parents, shoot I am 53, and when I am sick,
I still want my Daddy!
Last night, she was feeling good and scaring down some 
Chee-to's, the chips emptied and we began to play.
she looked at me, she smiled at me, she LOL'd with me.
I chased her around and she ran away from me laughing,
I took her lead and went with it...
I bathed her, she loves that, we took our time,
I played with her and I saw such a happy little baby
and I was ecstatic. No sooner out the tub, she grabbed
for a Dr. Pepper on the table and brought it down
all over her face and clean shirt and the floor,
she cried a bit, I didn't fuss, instead I began to laugh...
hard... there she was sitting in the middle of
a pool of Soda with some dripping from her long
eyelashes, her blonde curls, and her PJ shirt.
A funny site, should have grabbed the camera....
When she heard me laughing, she stopped crying
and just stared at me, perhaps that was the moment
she realized I really am a fun Mumsie.
I cleaned her up yet again, we put on Frozen for the
third time (I don't know how to work their tv so Frozen it was)
and when the song, LET IT GO
began, I started singing and motioning with my hands,
she stopped watching the TV to stare at me.
Again something happened inside of our Sweet Jemma.
After I finished, instead of going back to what she
was playing she came up to me and climbed in my lap,
put her little arms around my neck,
Love from the Sweet Jemma.
She then let me sit with her on the recliner,
to rock her without any technology or snacks in my hand,
just her and I. I captured part of that on video, put
it on Instagram because it has been such a special moment
for us. I awaken this morning, with my thoughts on her.
I believe our relationship has changed now,
thanks to a night time parade in the town of Plaquemine!
( Posted one day after written)

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