Sunday, January 22, 2017

One of my New Years Resolutions

Like most, I have very many New Years Resolutions
I made on January1, 2017 that I have already not followed.
 But the one that I am working really hard
on is Church. I have began going back to the Catholic Mass.
In my past, I never missed a Sunday. While raising my 
children, we also rarely missed a Sunday.
I taught religion all during my children's years
of religious ed. But something happened to me after 
my separation and divorce. 
I could not find my comfort there anymore,
that "good feeling" I used to feel when leaving mass.
Was it because I felt like I had not kept the 
promise I made on the day I married?
Was it because I felt angry because He did not 
protect that relationship. I have journaled and
thought lots about this and this is my conclusion.
My God, knows that marriage had to end,
I did not like who I was when I was in it.
I knew inside of me was a woman who deserved
It is the promise the Big Man made to us,
he want us all the have those three things.
Yet, life gets in the way. So on January 1st I was
heading to Baby boy's home when I realized it was 
Sunday and the last  mass for the day was in 10 minutes.
I turned around and entered that beautiful church.
I found peace there again, something I had not 
felt for many years in that area.
I realized it is not just the mass, the sermon,
the singing but the congregation. 
I am a people watcher....
That day, two pews in front of me
was a middle age couple, at first I thought they 
were youngens' because from the back the woman
had long beautiful hair and filled her Levi Jeans well.
but when she turned a bit to look at her hubby or boyfriend,
I saw she was probably in her 40's. 
They were so in love, through the mass, I watched them
often holding hands, putting her head on his shoulder.
Noticed that after communion he looked down at
her with the biggest smile and placed a kiss on her nose.
She wrinkled and smiled so big.
I left mass that day knowing I needed to be there again.
I need to see that love like that exists and lasts,
if two people work at it.
I am happy to say that although it is only a few weeks of
the New Year I have not missed a Sunday and look forward
to returning each weekend. There was a few Sundays.
Like today, it would be easier to just stay in 
but I won't. I will go and dress and enter the doors
of  beautiful St. John, knowing that after,
I will meet a friend at Portabello's for lunch, 
I will leave feeling better than when I entered,
I will learn something there and it may not be from the
mass or the sermon but from the congregation that shares
this hour with me.
Enjoy your Sunday my Peeps!

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  1. OH, this is something I, too, needed to read! You never disappoint on your BEAUTIFUL blogs. Love and miss you dearly.



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