Friday, July 7, 2017


Ironic is what it is. 
If I ever needed confirmation that 
Blogging, sharing my thoughts was
Something I must do, I received that yesterday. 
Bestie Ann and I made it to the funeral
Of our dear friend and classmate Roxanne. 
We met Laurie there with her bestie babies. 
As I make it to the front of the church to
Pay my respects to the family many memories
Flood back. Roxanne in high school, 
Roxanne working with us at the hospital, 
Roxanne playing Pokeno with our group
For many years. I stop to speak and give hugs to 
Rox's parents and then her dear daughter, Who is
An adult now. She is so composed. So much like her Mother
In that way. I think she may not remember me 
From our Pokeno days when she was a little girl
So I remind her of who I am. 
She counters back with 
"Oh yeah, I remember you because of your blog. 
My Mom loved your blog and often shared from 
It or had me read it" 
Wow! I now know I don't do this just for me
But for those who may get something out of the
Things I write. 
I ask for permission to use her Mom and she says 
"Blog away, please!" 
So today I begin a routine once again involving 
Early mornings, a cup of coffee and 
A blog. 
Thanks Alyssa for showing me the way 

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