Saturday, July 8, 2017

Another Fallen Classmate...

Just when I believe this blog will take a turn
to happier moments, another dear classmate and
friend has died.
Greg Terry.
He and I were not best buds but he was that
to two of my closest friends,
my cousin Reggie and my pal, Patrick.
Not many days passed in the highschool era that
Reggie, Greg and sometimes Patrick were not together.
As Reggie texted to me last night,
"...Not a day in Jr. high and high school was Greg and
I not together, like you and Laurie and Ann."
I remember that vividly, one day in particular.
I was driving around in my orange Pinto and
decided to go hang with the cuz,
Who was there, none other than Greg Terry.
We sat around and talked for hours probably about
everyone else in our class.
He was a kind man but over the years I have lost
touch with him yet his name came up lots in the
last year when I began to rekindle the friendships
between Patrick, Reggie and I.
We are not old yet, we are 53-give or take a year or two.
Yet when our parents were that age, we believed that was old.
Our classmates are too young to say goodbye to this life.
However, like the last few blogs I believe they are on
the journey of a lifetime, one all of us here on Earth cannot
understand and some of us fear.
RIP Greg and may all who love you know 
you, my dear have entered into the phase of

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