Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tuts turns three

(Typed on phone excuse any typo's until
I can get home)
Our Tuts, our jojo turns three tomorrow. 
In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago
Since she was born, like she has been with
Us forever. Other times, like just yesterday 
When she came into our world. 
It is in her three years of life
That I, as a single woman has
Made the most changes in my life. 
I will always look upon her little life 
As being almost like a new birth 
For myself as well. 
Our Jojo/tuts is one of the funniest litttle
Sprites, like a little fairy
Who has come into our chaotic lives
To remind us to "slow down" 
Take a minute to smells the roses,
Sit down and watch her perform. 
I hope I always give her that time, 
When she decides to entertain us.
I will share one of our many Jojo-isms. 
She had show off day at dancing 
And while the other girls stood in a line and
Followed the teachers dance steps,
Jo walked back and forth from wall to wall
Singing her favorite Muhana song. 
Nothing was going to kill her party. 
A few days later she came to play 
And I took the opportunity to read 
To her the card/ love letter I had made her. 
"I am so proud of how you sing when 
You want and dance when you want..." 
she stared right into my eyes, as serious 
As a three year old could be.....
I am thinking she is going to thank me
But no, not our jojo...
"I wish, I could be the perfect daughter,
But I come back to the water...."
I think she may be finished, no
A breath and then 
"Every step I take every move I make..."
Yes she sang the whole song...
And her Mumsie, well she melted 
" you our sweet jojo, you are more than the perfect 
Daughter. You are the most 
Grandest three year old I Know"
Happy birthday sweet jojo

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