Tuesday, April 18, 2017


She is six now and so much has changed.
She is in school now, so our sleepovers have been cut down
a bit and usually when she comes her little sis
is in tow.
Yet, yesterday, it was just her and I.
My sweet Jilly Bean.
So much is the same, oh but so much is different.
We still take adventure walks,
now instead of me pointing out treasures,
she is pointing and picking them out herself.
Our conversations have become more advanced,
"Mumise, do you cry? Not happy tears I mean real tears"
She sings often and wants me to video her.
This is another difference, before her singing was just
for me, a one person audience.
Her coloring is no longer out the lines,
beautiful, vibrant colors, on the chalkboard last night.
I pick her up to place her in the tub,
she is solid, six year old weight,
not the feather light toddler anymore.
She no longer plays with the toys aside the tub.
"Lets hurry and bathe so we can go do card crafts"
She is not tired at 7pm, ready to play our 
favorite night game of "foosh" our version 
of a pillow fight.
Instead we go into the Studio and she makes two cards
for her little neighbors who are moving soon.
When it is finally enough time that this Mumsie can't
go anymore we retreat to the bedroom for "foosh"
No longer do my pillow throws hit her and knock her down.
No, now she hold a pillow up in front of her strategically
and blocks my pillows, stopping each one from knocking
her down. Then just when I am out of pillows she
attacks with a vengeance, My ammunition is gone,
I am at her Mercy.
We then read books, same routine since she was
a baby, that too has changed.
It's her reading to me and a chapter book.
Her head still fits in the crook of my arm but her long
body takes up more space than before.
I am aware of so much this day.
Because she is maturing, growing into such a beautiful child
who can "Drama Queen" with the best but
hold a conversation like she could not before.
I am tired then, having worked in my yard most of the day.
Lights out.... and then, then the one thing that has
not and I hope never does change,
"Hug me Mumsie, hold my hand"
"sing me prayers, Mumsie"
She hugs my arm tightly as I sing OUR FATHER
and when I get to her favorite part, she sings along,
She still wants to cuddle, falls asleep in my arms with
Oliver tucked between us.
She is asleep in minutes, myself, just a little longer 
as I contemplate the changes taking place in my oldest
grandgirl. Soon she will be a preteen, and perhaps
sleeping at Mumsie's won't be as appealing to her.
I treasure these moments, getting farther apart as she grows up.
She will have sleepovers at friends homes, or friends at
her own home. Yet, this Mumsie will always treasure
our times together, will always play "foosh"
no matter how big she is and how old I am
and we will always cuddle and read books,
no matter which of us is doing the reading.
Most importantly I will always sing to her the perfect prayer
and we shall always sing her favorite part with just a little more
flair,  and our night will always, always end
with an arm around her growing body and
"I love you, Jilly"
"I love you, Mumsie"

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